Maria Sinatra


Full professor of General psychology at the University of Bari (Italy)
Department of Educational Sciences, Psychology, Communication

sinatraAfter studying and working at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main (Germany), she turned her attention to the historical-epistemological reconstruction of psychology, as well as to the psychological aspects of mass media communication and new addictions. On these subjects she has published numerous essays (more than 180) and various books.

She attended the following training courses:

  1. clinical psychology;
  2. family psychotherapy;
  3. hypnosis

From the academic year 2010/11 she has been president of the Second Level Degree in Design and Educational Management in Digital Era, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Bari and from 2012/13  the Rector’s delegate for Counselling at the University of Bari.

She is:

  • a member of various psychological associations (AIP – Italian Association of Psychology, Experimental Section, APA – American Psychological Association, IAAP – Italian American Association of Psychology, etc.;
  • director of the “Alberto Marzi” Laboratory of the History of Applied Psychology, which deals with the retrieval, cataloguing and digitalization of scientific instruments of psychology;
  • scientific director of University Masters and P.O.N. on didactics of colours and environmental ergonomy;
  • editor of international series: PSYCHOLOGICA (Lecce: PensaMultimedia), Tempi e Idee delle scienze (Bari: Progedit), etc.