Santo Di Nuovo


Full professor of Psychology Director of the Department of Education at the University of Catania (Italy)


  • is responsible for the clinical service Counseling and guidance;
  • from 2005 to 2008 was a member of the Organizing Committee of the Free University of the Central Sicily ‘Kore’ Enna, pro-rector and vicar of the University.
  • was the coordinator of the Interuniversity Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, based in Enna.
  • has focused his research activity on methodological aspects and psychometrics applied to different areas of psychology: cognitive, personality, normal and pathological, legal, clinical psychology, and rehabilitation;
  • as associated with the Society for Research in Psychotherapy (SPR), coordinated national projects on the evaluation of psychotherapy, with particular reference to assessment techniques and data analysis. In this context, he translated and culturally adapted for use with Italian speaking people the Change Interview of R. Elliott.
  • in the research on cognitive neuroscience, is working with the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems, University of Plymouth (UK), and other Italian and foreign research institutions;
  • is member of the Scientific Committee and interuniversity research centers (Interuniversity Centre ‘Mind in Sport Team’ (IUSM of Rome, University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, Trieste, Cagliari, Catania)
    – Interuniversity Centre for Research on the Origin and Development of Antisocial and prosocial motivations (University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, Catholic Milan, Padua, Turin, Florence, Naples, Catania), Inter-Department Centre for the Rights of the Child and the Family (Departments of Law, Education, Political Science, Humanities at the University of Catania), advisor of numerous scientific Journals, and editorial director of Series in Psychology;
  • has produced over 350 publications, including 35 books. Among the articles, 50 were published in international scientific Journals or volumes.

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