Lucia Monacis


Dr. Lucia Monacis is currently working as an Assistant Professor of General Psychology at the Department of Humanities of the University of Foggia 

She earned her PhD degree at the University of Bari in 2008. Dr. Monacis is an active member in many international associations and attended many congress meetings dealing with experimental and applied psychology in sport, music, learning and addictions context. She has worked as reviewer in many international journals.

Her research interests are focused on the analysis of the individual differences in underlying adaptive and maladaptive behaviors (sportspersonship, new on line addictions, etc) in adolescents and young people. She has organized national conferences in Sport Psychology, Happiness and Wellbeing, and Behavioral Addictions, and she has authored or co-authored scientific papers, many of them concerned with personality, individual differences and psychological assessment issues (psychological testing, adaptation and validation processes), which remain topics of long-standing and enduring interest.